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Doctor’s mistake could have caused my son his life..True story (Every parent should read)

A few months ago my 2-year-old son Kairo was admitted in the hospital for a “stomach virus” that led to severe dehydration. His heart rate went up and his blood levels went crazy. In 2 days, I took him to the ER at Kaiser 3 times and also took him to see his primary care physician who all told me “Not to worry. The vomiting would eventually stop and he’ll get better. It’s just something that has to pass.” Finally I had enough. He wasn’t getting any better and it had been 48 hours of vomiting nonstop. He was actually getting worse. I took him one more time and he was so dehydrated the nurses said if I had waited any longer to bring him in I could have lost him. He was in the hospital for 4 days. It was a nightmare.

Kairo in the hospital

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Kairo in the hospital

I’d like to share a story from a mother who also had a scare at home. Her daughter had a high fever which led to a febrile seizure. These are more common than you think. Here’s her story.

I have been debating over the last few days about sharing this very personal experience on a very public forum. However, I find that as a parent it is important to learn from each other’s “mistakes” in life. So I’ve decided to share our horrific experience with the rest of the MommyTalk followers in hopes to arm you with education and prepare you if anything were to happen like this to your child, or a child you know.

On Tuesday afternoon I noticed our 20 month old, Shay, feeling a bit warmer than usual. The day progressed as usual and she seemed to be acting fine (other than a little warm). I gave her some Tylenol before nap and then another dose right before her 8:00pm bedtime. Not for long, our baby girl was fast asleep in her crib. At 3:30am, I hear her stirring and a little whinier than usual (thanks to the awesome technology of a baby monitor) and when I opened up her door, she let out the most loud screech and scream that I never heard from her before. My initial thought was that I scared her from opening the door and that’s when I started to hear her crib shake.

Due to a drastic spike in fever (up to 106/107 degrees), our daughter was suffering from her first febrile seizure. I picked her up out of her crib, as she flopped like a fish out of water in my arms. Terrified, I screamed for my husband to call 9-1-1. I laid her twitching body on the floor as we are both doing our best to stay “calm” and call for help (“Calm” my ass! We were both freaking out as any parent would!) Her eyes rolled back in her head, she gasped for air, and she stopped breathing. Her tiny lips were turning blue. I hear my husband losing his connection with the dispatcher, so (out of instinct), I grabbed the phone (thinking that somehow I could deal with being on the phone better than him) while he started to perform CPR on our baby girl’s “lifeless” body. With the reassuring sound of sirens in the near distance, she got her shallow and fast breaths back and we waited for the paramedics to arrive. Lethargic and “out-of-it”, she came to with 8 firemen/paramedics standing over her. I’m sure when she turns 16, she would have appreciated this sight….but for now, she lied there confused and terrified. The ambulance team admitted her to the closest ER room and in route one of the paramedics re-assured me, “You know, febrile seizures in toddlers are a lot more common than you think. We get a lot of calls like this unfortunately!”

COMMON?! In whose world is this common for?! Until the words came out of his mouth, I have never heard of a Febrile Seizure nor was I aware that all toddlers have the chance of suffering from one. My goal with sharing this story is by letting you know that this IS a (scary) common thing that apparently happens to 1 in 25 children, and personally, I feel like every parent should know that their child could be at risk.

At the first sight of a fever as new parents, we (amongst parents everywhere) are told by our health care providers to “not bring her in unless the fever is consistent for more than 3 days”. So, on that Tuesday, when I felt my child a little warmer than usual (and still acting fine), I honestly didn’t pay much attention to it at all. If I was more aware that something like this can happen and turn our world upside down for a short instant, I would have taken her being warm a little more serious ! Keep in mind, that we are not the type of parents that go running to the doctor for every sniffle. And even after this happened, we have refrained from wrapping our child up in bubble wrap to protect her from the world. However, it was a little bump in the road that I feel can have been avoided completely by being more educated about how common febrile seizures truly are. Now that she has suffered from it once, she is now prone to having more of them (God forbid we go through that again!)

Can things have been a lot worse? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, it was a reminder of how blessed we are to have an overall healthy child. If having to be on “temperature patrol” & purchase stock in Motrin are the lasting effects, then I say we are actually pretty damn lucky.

Don’t hesitate taking your little ones to the ER. Every second counts and you don’t want to be left wondering, what if. I Love my baby boy Kairo.





Thank you so much for sharing my story! After learning about how common it is (1 in 25 babies/toddlers!) I know I’m not the only Momma out there that got a scare of a lifetime! Seizures are always much more scarier to watch than the harm they are causing the body….but when she stopped breathing, that was a whole other game changer!

Kisses to you baby boy Kairo! Mommy’s instincts are ALWAYS right!


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